meds for barn occupants

i am really loving our barn cat Sylvie
she needs to be de-wormed again
so I have the medicine to give her

we have booked a surprise vacation in Tofino, BC last night
a special young lady friend is getting married their
she boards her colt at our place

so awesome to be going there for a week this summer and
staying at

now i must give Sylvie and Summer their medicine...

Note: yesterday our vet called and said to come pick up the deworming meds for
'Winter' and our barn cat.  LOL I said "Winter" ? you mean 'Summer',
she said oh darn! i new it was one of the four seasons !

well.. it feels like their is only one season in Canada right now...

1 comment:

Catherine said...

Haha! Well 'winter' is certainly sticking around isn't it? Honestly. Just love those little kitty paws!
Have a happy week Donna ~ you must be on 'count down'. Lucky girl!
xo Catherine

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