rough on hands

it has been a "rough" winter for
my hands

i have faced the fact now that I have

I have tried many lotions

We bought a couple of bottles of pure coconut oil when we were at
the coffee and cocoa plantation tour in the Dominican Republic;
that is the no. 1 helper for this problem and oatmeal bathing (Aveeno oatmeal bath works very well)
if concerned about the oatmeal clogging the drain
just put the package or oatmeal solution in a sock and
put it under the faucet and turn on the water over the sock and the oatmeal will stay in the sock

I aim to have nice looking hands once again, it is a constant effort to treasure my
hands like they are precious objects so I hope they can become soft and supple again.

may the sun come down on my hands and provide that Vitamin D!

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