those long legs

this weekend we dusted the shedding fur off the horses as much as we could
and had a long afternoon of riding
and retraining the horses. Now that spring is here and the
winter hiatus of standing around the bale feeder is changing they need some refresher time and adjustments in their thinking.

Tom was out riding Rocky, which was his older brother's horse.  I was watching him get frustrated with Rocky as he was doddling down the lane and didn't want to leave the yard (typical) because his friends were all still in the barn.

Tom has long legs and his brother was 6' 4" tall and he could wrap those legs around
Rocky pretty easily.  As Tom started to give Rocky a few jolting reminders that he needed
to keep moving forward;  I casually happened to say ... "ya that's it "Graham" ....uh I mean Tom keep him moving forward".

I know Tom was ok with my "name slip-up" but it really was a deja vu and it is always a beautiful feeling for me to watch Tom ride this horse.

Any special moments of deja vu in your life?

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Catherine said...

Such a beautiful post Donna! And how wonderful to be able to enjoy this fantastic sunshine weekend with your Tom and a sweet memory of your Graham.

I have the name slip ups too. I usually have to go through the whole roster. "Wayne" "Banjo" "Kurtis"... oh whatever your name is...come here!! Haha!

I like those deja vu moments. Especially when they are sweet ones! :)

xo Catherine

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