bottle these days up...

spring is so special in the country
and the mornings are the best for me
the feeding time for Summer and Sylvie Sylvester is pronto 
as soon as I awake, which is still between 6 am and 7 am and it is a parade
to the barn with the food

the rest of the day is supervising the yard and activities going on

this years potato patch has just been planted

 the first truck ride up into the coulee pasture
for some fencing repair work

I received a crocus from Mantracker as I was
driving the tractor along the fence while he fixed
and adjusted and replaced posts and wire

i just want to put these moments in a bottle and keep them forever!

what has your long weekend this May been

1 comment:

Catherine said...

Oh I love kitty and pup following you to the barn for their breakfast!!! Cute! And that's a terrific photo of the two of them. I am so excited for Saturday to get here and the road trip out to your house. Fun!!!

Let us hope for glorious weather. And yes, to bottle our special moments would be wonderful!!

xo Catherine

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