How Are Things In Glocca Morra? ...

  • i have been busy retiring!
  • and running around town doing errands
  • cofacilitating the Griefshare program on Thurs nites
  • treating a Sarcoid (benign tumour/lump on the young horse Brooks, with my oils)
  • and travelling to the southeastern part of the province to visit close friends and some family 
  • viewed 5 acreage listings in the Yorkton area (just because we were down there and well it is always good to check the listings for price, value, and check our enthusiasm for it all (ha!)

to be honest it is weird and wonderful and kind of a blur, especially due to the spring being here now and Mother's Day.  I am learning all about and loving my Young Living Essential Oils and realizing the wellness and power of them. There is alot of information and alot of families getting excited about using this alternative and old method of using pure plant oil for sore muscles, cancer, respiratory issues, bug sprays and additives for food flavouring, digestive much more  that pure oils can contribute to our health.  

things in Glocca Morra are good and busy....

i will be attending a "poetry through the Lens" photography retreat from June 7 - 10 and gearing up for
that next...


Catherine said...

Sounds like you are enjoying your retirement my friend!
How cool that you are going to a photography retreat! Fun! You will have to tell me all about it when I come out.

Love that sunshine!
xo Catherine

Anna said...

Enjoy your retirement and photography retreat! Sounds like life is good :)

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