May is all about coming out....

i love it when
city gals come to the

Catherine who is a long time blogging friend of mine and  Corinne came out on Saturday morning
for a quick country getaway and take some pictures of the countryside;
they were very fun and appreciative guests and I would love for them
to come back for another visit.

thanks for coming out to see our acreage!

and coming out of hiding are our

and our dog "Summer" came out from under all that long fur
Tom came on Sat night to give Summer a haircut
and he did a pretty good job!

The kites will be coming out in June but for now the SC Art Gallery has a great display of kites at the local library

the West Wing Gallery is now open at the Kinetic Park Ex Grounds
high school students from the community area have a display of different mediums of artwork
such as photography, graphite art, watercolour paintings, social media artwork and more; and I was fascinated with the concepts and ideas portrayed.
it is open Fri Sat Sun 1 - 5 pm from now until Sept.
it was really interesting.... I so love student art!

I volunteered to help out at the The Full Moon Festival on Sunday morning as well
and caught up with a couple of old friends from my energy training days, it was a super social 3 hours I spent there! glad I volunteered.

it is an exciting time of year and so easy to appreciate things around us.
see you in June!


Catherine said...

Hey my friend! THAT was FUN! Corinne and I truly enjoyed our morning out at your acreage and thank you so much for the hospitality. We would love to do it again some time.

Summer looks much cooler with the new hair cut.

While May has indeed a month filled with blooms and fresh new things, I for one, will be glad when it's over.

I will send you photos as soon as I have got them all done. I took too many. LOL!

Thank you again Donna. Hugs!

xo Catherine

Donna said...

hey, I am reading between the lines here once again and I do believe I might know what you mean about -glad when its over- is pertaining to the"fresh new things" at work?

take care and will do a lunch sometime!

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