my own retreat

I have made two attempts to take a creativity/photography retreat this spring:

1st one:
was for May 24 - 26 at Grasslands National Park in Val Marie SK
it was named Scribble Splash Stitch - Explore all the Colours of your Creativity - CANCELLED due to not enough registrants!  I was disappointed with this one as Melissa Dinwiddie from California was the instructor.

2nd one:
was for June 7 - 10th at the Calling Lakes Centre in Fort Qu'Appelle SK and it was named Poetry Through The Lens Photography - just got an e-mail that it is CANCELLED due to not enough registrants!

3rd one;
 and I am still hoping is a go... is a Singing Camp from July 15 - 19 in town here and 2 instructors from Vancouver are coming to provide a learning workshop about our voices.  I am to prepare a solo from a song I would love to be able to sing (YIKES!)  and I first deleted the e-mail as the SC Oratorio Choir members included me on this camp for singing.  What is the worst that can happen? well I look at it this way.  I may not be the best singer, I know that for sure, but I may not be the worst.  The old saying goes " there is always someone who will be a better (singer in this case) and there is always someone who will be not as good as you (singing only).  June 15th is the deadline so cross my fingers!

my spring/summer hiatus is good and I must remember that I am on a retreat everyday anyway and the awareness that this is what I am doing already has just been presented to me.  I am creatively painting rocks and hope to have each rock painted with a letter on it spelling  - K i r k v i l l e -  
I will place these completed painted works of art outside as a display.  This is very enjoyable and relaxing for me and simple to create as rocks are so forgiving because you do not have to draw perfectly.

I am still writing 3 pages every morning and alot of mornings I am up and down and it takes me 2 hours to write those 3 pages (distractions, need focus ha!).  I do feel so good when I am done!

So, I am going to treat my time this spring and summer as my own creative retreat!

(made with flowers and only in Holland!)

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Catherine said...

So sorry about the classes being cancelled. Those would have been so much fun. Hopefully the 3rd one will pull through. The singing one sounds interesting. Is it during the day? Hmmm....maybe I should dust off my vocal cords...

I look forward to our visit this morning. And I am hoping those crazy clouds blow away. :(

See you soon my friend!

xo Catherine

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