2nd month of retirement...

so far this June.....
the sun has come out once in awhile

our niece spent a weekend with us on her own
and Mantracker and I enjoyed that alot

so did she....

a new name for our cat is now "Sal" because this cat is officially
a "tomcat" so Sylvie is an embarrassing name for him

right Sal?

my girlfriend came for a visit and shopping
and bed and breakfast and I just loved that!

Rocky is living a good life up in the coulees and so
far nobody has called upon him to ride and placed a saddle on his back

i am more settled now that June is half over and have been busy learning
Young Living Essential Oils and meeting new people through that process

Happiest of June to you all!

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Catherine said...

Two months already? The year is flying isn't it?
And I am wondering if Sal enjoys his new name. I guess Sylvie was a little embarrassing for him although he must not have minded as he stuck around. He knows a good thing when he sees it! LOL!
I will try and get all the photos done this weekend and sent to you. Rain all weekend ~ a good time to organize photos I think. ;)
Wishing you a happy weekend my friend!
xo Catherine

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