is energy for me
and the adolescents around with
grads and rodeos
and vacations is uplifting

i am at the fair today and Saturday

my favourite oil is "Valor"
stop by and sniff the pure scent of plant oil
from seed to oil in a bottle - wahoo!  I love my oils!

recent events pics...

my pretty niece' grade 8 grad

 my brother's girls and they are growing up so fast!

 my brother-in-law and his new wife beautifying their entrance to
their farm. I said to his wife that pretty soon we will need a code or password
to enter his yard LOL!

my mom she is 83 in August and going strong!

have fun on this long weekend, if not buy an oil at the fair (wink)!

1 comment:

Catherine said...

Such pretty girls!
Enjoy the fair this weekend Donna!
xo Catherine

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