iphone vacation snipits

Brian and I took a 7 day only vacation to BC. We flew to Victoria and then rented a car.  We were attending a wedding at Cygnet Cove, Ucluelet, BC

this is Sandy and I and she and her husband Arnie now live in Qualicum Beach BC as of last Sept and she is my BFF since grade 5.  We seriously reconnected again a few years ago as the most tragic and astounding event happened to both of us.  we both lost our first born sons and in similar deaths...it still shakes me up today, but we are very connected and close..

This is Linda and now 34 years later we meet with anticipation it was a special day going over the college pics she had brought with her and just talking and remembering and updating our life now - it was an effort on both of us to meet at Qualicum Beach but we did it and found each other and had coffee and walked on the beach for almost 5 hours. Will make great effort to get together again that is for sure!


LMWIEBE said...

Looks like you had a great trip.......you deserve it :). Love following your blog!

Catherine said...

Now I am even more excited to go to Victoria after looking at your photos Donna! It looks like it was a lovely wedding. How wonderful to get to meet up with your very special friend Sandy. Such a connection you both share. I can imagine you give each other what no one else can understand.

I am guessing Linda was an old college friend?

Glad you had wonderful times and visits Donna!
xo Catherine

Donna said...

oh such lovely comments from 2 lovely women! happy summer!

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