things you never asked ....

a little about me, right now in 2013,
interests; do change so here is an updated peek
of what goes on at my house as a guest and when I am

ta da....

  • I  am a great salad creator with lettuce and rice and quinoa and I love stir fry meat recipes for main courses

  • provide energy treatment if time and solitude is available (I just can't charge for a healing touch treatment - just the way I am)  here is a video to see what it is:
  • coffee in the living room or dining room and loud conversations re: horses, fashion, home decor, wine and alcohol is available my fav alcohol is scotch on the rocks, bud light lime,

everyday I do at least 2 of the activities listed below

  1. body talk  - I am a Body Talk Access Technician

  • walking and yoga stretches (very modified yoga stretches)
  • meditation on the deck on my laptop lap cushion (works great)

my strong interests are:

  • essential oils (Young Living)
  • ballet intrigues me and I took ballet when i was little (hard hard hard..)
  • book club, so reading is high on my list of things to do
  • watercolor painting
  • yoga stretches
  • horseback riding (very minimal these days due to muscle issues)
  • swimming including Aqua Zumba, now that is fun
  • hiking
  • going to a ballet
  • going to a dancing show
  • watching western horse riding clinicians teach riding and horsemanship
  • going to a movie theatre and chomping on a box of popcorn
  • singing 

things that irritate me:
untruthful friends
someone crossing my personal boundaries
long speeches ....winded...winded
the sound of high winds
blogs who don't share who they are as the owner and writer..why the secret
lopsided and bumpy city sidewalks and cracks (i think my hips are going out again...)
a poor haircut/style
sourpuss grocery clerks
grocery shopping

...i am sure you have a list? 

Just be true , and stay calm and carry on!

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