beautiful hands....

i mentioned in March of this year the struggles i have been having with my hand eczema and my right index finger that ended up in a fungus infection (what a mess).  It has taken until 3 weeks ago when I visited a new doctor and asked her if she could send me for allergy testing as my hands were causing problems and I thought it would possibly be allergies?

"No", she said "it is eczema and I have a plan for you" I treat my hands several times a day with
"hydrous emulsifyng ointment", {Emulsifying ointment is a mixture of paraffin oils. It is a greasy moisturiser that provides a layer of oil on the surface of the skin to prevent water evaporating from the skin surface}.

 and especially after I get my hands wet and to apply this ointment at bedtime and add vaseline/petroleum jelly on top of that and then slip on white cotton gloves.  I also started taking Young Living Sulfurzyme supplemental vitamins created by Naturopath/Nutritonist Dr. Gary Young at that same time.

My eczema is now under control and I must continue this treatment forever, however, to add to the nourishment for extreme eczema breakouts, I am going to add Myrhh essential oil to my skin because that is the best oil for aged, chapped, dry skin and was used in the biblical days along with Frankincense.  I will keep you posted with how this added oil treatment progresses.   I believe that to eventually go to just the oils would be awesome...but it will be progressive and I have no problem working with both treatments.

my dry hands has not prevented me from "bauble" buying (as my spouse calls it)

or to paint like I am Leonardo Da Vinci

a view from our deck (sideways view iphone photos suck - new post on that)

oh I did not mention that I no longer have a camera as both
went to Sarcan for recycle, that will be a new blog post! My search for
a camera....not in the budget at the be continued

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