diffuse diffuse...

I was introduced to essential oils from a facebook friend and I attended
a information evening and was sold on all the health successes that the women their
were experiencing.  It also gives me something to enjoy and spend quality time
on since retiring.

I know health is an issue for most of us:
I take cholesterol (Lipitor)
I take (Altace) for blood pressure
and my blood sugar and hand eczema I am using
YL Sulfurzyme vitamins 
I use peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil for my seasonal allergies instead
of Reactin or Alleve or Benadryl over-the-counter-drugs.

I am doing a progressive change to chemical free living, but it is very
progressive and it is dangerous to abruptly switch as I believe we need the
doctors and alternative naturopathic doctors and our nutritonists to work on our health.
Dr. Gary Young is the man in motion on these oils and products and he created
the selling of oils from his plant farms in Idaho, Utah, Ecuador (total of 7 chemical free plant farms where they slowly distill or extract the oils from the plant with the technical monitoring of when the plant is ready to farm from- seed- to- oils- to- bottle)

I have several things for my booth I am setting up in Sept at the Market Square such as
soaps with essential oils and pendants and car air-freshners to use and I want to keep promoting because it is fun to meet and greet people and present different products.

 I am investing in bringing in some pendants for diffusing and car air freshners to keep that pure healthy air wherever you are.  These are for the Market Square YL essential oils
booth in Sept.  I  will enjoy doing this...it is so entirely different than what I have been
doing for the past 21 years 
I had a great time at the SC Fair booth with Leah and other distributors and sharers of their love of these pure oils.  I learned a lot about what the
young, middle-age and old are looking for in alternative health:

I had men with severe foot pain, muscle pain, young adolescents who want
to do a 5 day cleanse and be healthy, I had a young man who worked in the mine up in
Saskatoon and he gets so low on energy and wanted to know if there was an oil
for that, he purchased a bottle on-line, and the biggest seller was Lavender oil, and Peppermint Oil and my favorite oil Valor....

I love pendants and bracelets,

check out some of these I will be bringing in...maximum price is $15 and
you can choose your oil to drop on the pendant and smell it all day as you wear it
young girls will love this?

Terra-Cotta Pendant Diffusers

These wonderful handcrafted terra-cotta pendant diffusers are perfect for taking your favorite essential oil scent with you all day. 

This lovely pendant has a polished stone-look surface, and hangs from a black cord. Each pendant is handmade and unique. The back of the pendant has a special absorbent surface meant to diffuse essential oils. Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy all day long, wherever

Apply one drop of your favorite essential oil to the surface of the decorative terra-cotta medallion, and hang it in your car, bathroom, office, or other area to diffuse the fragrance!

I am making some soap bars with the essential oils in it and will
have that to sell as well

lots to be creative with and lots for me to get ready and make the soap bars

I usually have my diffuser going during the day too, while I am in the house working or 

my oils that work best for me when diffusing 

smells fresh and divine!

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