figuring it out...

my hubby and I are figuring things out
financially, marital-ly, abundantly, joyfully, mentally, clariifyingly (I like making words
with "ly" at the end - did you notice) along with 
moving and selling our home/acreage.

in other words... alot is going on and my
fun-ness (word?) with my oils is keeping me sane
along with a counselling session with our animals because horses and
dogs and cats are Grounding......sometimes I feel like I am going to
take off on my broom...oops I mean balloon.....

 do we have enough $$$? - will we run out of $$$$?

We sat down with our financial planner and my husband with himself (LOL!)

I have the whole picture of what I have in my name
and where I can withdraw cash if necessary for
business expenses if I was to set up

My impression is...we will be okay.

Does Mantracker need to keep working in Regina
instead of being on horseback and training colts?
His comfort level and mine about retiring are a bit different, however,
to stay together and enjoy this new life, and it is a new way of life,
is a journey in decisions and working at what you love!

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Catherine said...

Hmmm... so much to consider. Sometimes it's hard to take that 'leap of faith' that everything will be OK. Wishing you both the best in your decisions whatever they may be!
xo Catherine

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