so much work

our acreage and home has a couple of realtor showings this week
and last night I took our dog Summer to our favourite canoe spot
the Highfield Reservoir

poor old dog struggles with his hip
but he loves to ride in the back of a truck
and be with us
I can't leave him in our yard when new people show up
he is too much of a guard dog!

so off we went

now Sal, he greets these strangers and guards the deck.  Someone has to
stay in the yard?  He thinks people love him because well "I am so darn friendly and soft and well just darn good looking!"

I take my Kobo and sit by the water and read with Summer until the showing is over.
I was thinking that this is just a pain to have to take the dog away from the yard
but I am actually looking forward to our little excursion again tonite!

1 comment:

Catherine said...

Well who wouldn't want to love Sal up when they see him! LOL! Love it that he's guarding the house while Summer goes off gallivanting with you. Haha! I think someone is going to snatch your 'little piece of heaven' acreage soon Donna.

It looks like you are having fun making your soap. I didn't realize that you had to wait until the Lye was out. Interesting!

xo Catherine

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