soap = chemistry

i made some soap,
well the soap lady worked with me to
make the soap
and I supplied the main ingredients
and she supplied the equipment

almond milk
olive oil
valor essential oil
coconut oil

the dangerous process of Lye into the milk/water is what
I needed to learn

this is the soap bar (pretty)
 this is my instructor Catherine (thank you)
 I needed an expert to help with the chemistry process using Lye
 we layered it with a colourant and the YL essential oil

the wooden mold we poured the soap solution into made a long
loaf and we sliced it into bars after about 10 hours of sitting in the mold

I am needing some equipment to make soap myself
like a kitchen digital weigh scale, and a handheld stick blender, soap moulds,
2 meat thermometers, ice cube trays to freeze the liquid before Lye is added to it, etc

It now will take 2 months before we can use or sell these bars so the Lye is no longer in the

back to Chemistry class!

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