Market Square day

I booked a space at the Market Square Saturday and it was rainy and cool but I was prepared;
a great and surprising day of women, kids and lots of interest from men as well who came to
sniff and smell and talk about the beneifts of pure oils.  Most popular oil was
Lemon, Thieves, and Peppermint and I had a draw for a free oil of Valor

was not sure how this would be but I wouldn't know unless I tried it.
doing it myself was a little too busy, however, my son the plant expert was helpful
and assisted me for the day.  

Happy Oiling

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Catherine said...

Well would you believe this past Saturday was the first time I went to the Market Square? I ran in to get some cucumbers to make pickles (didn't even park, Wayne drove around the block). I'm sorry I missed your tent! It was crowded even though it was raining. Good luck with your business Donna!
xo Catherine

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