on the road

We were in Calgary last weekend
to see our wonderful neighbour friend, Leah, complete
the Choices Seminar. This special lady moved to Cochrane a fews year ago.  She used to spend alot of time with Tom and Graham while growing up.  I sometimes thought she was their  "2nd mom" when they attended Waldeck School.  Graham and her son David were good friends and so Tom came with us to Calgary to surprise her
and she was surprised !  

the 3 of us also went to IKEA (yeah!) and the Brass Pro Shop which Tom thought this store was pretty great! 

Brian did a bit of hunting while he was there too!

It was then off to Regina for my mom's 84th birthday!

 She did a fantastic "blow out" of the candles!

then it was off to the opening of Cabela's!

I have some photos of our annual visit from friends Morley and Shirley and the great lunch we had at
Cypress Hills Winery! (coming up...) so relaxing and great menu of healthy food and impressive service.

bye for now...

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