a week in review

my days since last thursday
have had a yo yo of good and not so good

Thursday, Sept 27
saw a Naturopath regarding my eczema as I have not
been able to control it for long periods of time
and what is it? is this eczema? 
diagnosis: I actually received a nasty parasite in my body from my holiday
in the Dominican Republic in February of this year.  It is nasty to get rid of and my hands
are where it is showing up.  I am on day 6 and this parasite is starting to lose the battle.  My hands are
dry, hard and scabbing and my neck feels like a scratchy wool scarf is still around it, so 2 more weeks
of only eating protein only and vegetables, no fruit or carbs..(feeds the parasite) plus supplements at each meal to take
I am killing this parasite!

on a high note, (yeah) I was in my dining room/kitchen and saw a large brown
movement out the front yard walking on our grass towards the trampoline.  A young moose was
almost in our driveway and he stood and looked around for about 10 minutes and then headed towards
the horses corral (our horses are still grazing in the coulee) and he then easily jumped over our wire
fence and sauntered away.  wow!  that was exciting and I did not get a pic because it is dangerous!
Where was our dog, Summer?  He must have been exploring outside the acreage or sleeping deeply, as he is getting old? lol! he missed that one!

was at the Market Square again last Saturday and had lots of fun and saw 
people I hadn't talked to for a while and also lots of women who came over to
talk about their experiences with essential oils.  It was a great day and it was cool and a bit windy but
sunny and blue skies!

I am singing with the SCOC again and have attended four Monday night practices
this is an out of my comfort zone committment for me once again but the singing is a wonderful experience for my voice, makes it stronger, my voice.

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