what a hectic 4 days this has been.....

actually it started last Tuesday,
I was seeing "floaties" in my
right eye and by the third day I phoned the
optometrist and they got me in within an hour
they found a tear or break in the bottom of my right eye retina,
and I was sent to Pasqua Hospital to the eye centre
to have laser surgery
apparently this happens when we age and my eye happened
to have a break that started just recently
the surgery on my eye retina took only 10 minutes
and then I was good to go

at this same time an Offer to Purchase came in on my iphone (eye phone LOL!) little humour helps!
our acreage was potentially going to be soldl
we were on our way to Langenburg to deliver a horse and visit with good friends for the
needless to say we arrived at our friends with horse intact and my eye surgery complete just
a few hours ago.
then it was 2 days of negotiation on the acreage sale.
we have signed/accepted this offer on the conditional sale of their home in
Swift Current.

health wise: my hands are improving and I am killing the parasite so I have been a good
girl, however, I must continue with the new supplements for another 3 weeks and put YL oregano oil drops or two on my tongue as well.  Oregano is very hot but extremely effective in killing unwanted yeast and organisms in the body.  My "allergy" reaction was the "clove" and we found out the two together was way to strong and my sensitivity is high.   

this photo shows my reaction to all these situations that I had to deal with last week!

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Catherine said...

Oh my stars my friend! You have had a lot of things going on. Eye phone! Ha! Glad your eye is ok and that your hands are getting better. And congrats on selling your home! Lots of changes ahead!
xo Catherine

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