this post is about being thankful for 
my home and the peace and
tranquility of our acreage and
country house

we have had 3 viewings and one private deal offer
and a possible offer, but financial hurdles abounded there.
I am ready to settle here for the winter and
come April this acreage will be ready for sale
once again.

thankful for the successful viewings
and kind comments
and professional realtors
the end of October is coming
and our contract will close with Remax

my son is well and sucessful and liked
at his job right now;
my husband has a great job in Regina and
I have fun using and promoting my essential oils.

Happiest of Thanksgiving to all of you!

1 comment:

Anna said...

Donna ~ this is a hard market to be selling in.....we're in a similar situation. Waiting on a second look by a couple, later this month. If we don't get an offer, then we will probably be looking at springtime for lookers again - folks just stop thinking about n. lake properties once it gets cold and snowy. Sounds like you have lots of goodness to be thankful for!

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