wild horses

i have not talked about our horses
or taken pics for quite a long time
so here are some instagram photos
I took last night
as they came in for a check up and some
piles of oats on the ground for a treat
so good to be around them
they love the native prairie grass to graze all summer and
fall, I miss them tho, when they are not in our yard

 Ben running in - he is always the last one



Catherine said...

I love the golden light of October - the horses look very happy to be enjoying the sunshine!
Happy October my friend!
xo Catherine

Anna said...

Hi Donna,
I wanted to thank you for your kind comment on our home! I'm slow in getting back to you as I have been away teaching. Hopefully you're getting some offers on your land. Wow, it looks gorgeous, especially in the low light with its long shadows!
We have someone coming back a second time from out of state to see our house. Fingers crossed for an offer.
Take care:)

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