leaving behind...coming with

we are in the full throttles of packing now and also we had no luck
in finding an acreage so we are wintering in our condo

Summer has been a major stress for our family,
he is not an inside the house dog, oh no, and we are moving
temporarily to the city

such emotions...

Sal, however will stay on the acreage and the new owners
have 3 little ones, they are a very young family and they have
2 horses as well.  The one girl loves Sal and likes so much playing
and petting him.  Lucky Sal!

As for Summer, our dog, who has lived here since he was 6 weeks old
and is now 12 1/2 years old, will move and live on Wendy's acreage outside of Qu'Appelle
Regina is only 30 miles away and we can visit Summer alot, hopefully it will go well?

Once we find an acreage in the spring we will take Summer with us
I am praying he makes the adjustment, but with Wendy who loves animals,
he will be just fine! phew!  relief!

it will be a great place for him and we are praying he adapts well there.
I  will spend several days with him at his new home to
reassure him.

now I must pull out another box and keep packing and throwing out and making
decisions on what comes with and what goes out!

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Catherine said...

Such a decision to make Donna! But I am sure Sal will receive lots of love from the little ones, especially if he's already got a little girl wrapped around his fingers...err paws! Haha!

And it sounds like Summer will be in goods hands until you can find an acreage in the Spring.

Good luck with packing and throwing out! A daunting task indeed.

xo Catherine

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