time flies..

my hands are way way better and only because I went to the medical doctor and not the naturopath to get some serious action on my hands.  The Naturopath I believe was really way off and I may have killed a parasite (was their an actual parasite?) I dont know but with this move the stress is high and my hands flared up and I need them for packing and well everything.  So steroid creme and glaxal base lotion for my hands and 3 days of prednezone has really improved the situation.  I am booked in to see a skin specialist in Regina aka dermatologist!

okay the move, so many family emotions and nothing has been bigger than my husband leaving this acreage he has had to work through alot of emotions and I was not the most patient wife....

my son is anxious about Summer and we have gone back and forth as to what is the best to do for him (I even phoned the vet to discuss if Summer could handle this move being 13 years old and severe hip soreness)

the small but yet big gifts I have received during this stressful time with animal placement decisions and not being able to find a new acreage/property to move to right away and looking for RTM or modular home to be ready to move to a property if that is the way we go?   well our friends for one thing and Morley and Shirley and Wendy and Gerald have been big supporters of this move and helpful to me and hubby both, physically (packing) and mentally talking about it (also storing our acreage equipment) - yahoo for great friends!!!!

 Ben is staying on this acreage and he has a little girl who would like to ride him.  We have leased him out to the new owners and will check on him a year from now or sooner to see how things are going.
 Tom is not moving with us as he is staying in Swift Current for now, who knows he may change
jobs as he is young.

right now Summer will move with us and stay at our friends acreage
at Qu'Appelle - hope he can adjust (I am fearful of him not)

this is a good shot of me praying for my family and all the separations (spouse is still by my side though ha!)

Ziggy here with Mantracker - well .."you can take the boy out of the country but you can't take the country out of the boy"  

time does fly by and I am hanging onto my seat belt (but excited for the new adventure)

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