holiday recreation

our horses room and board with these three "paint" coloured horses and to see them all together is quite
a picture as they have white and brown in different places and it is sometimes hard to
know which is whom? 

left back: Fancy (mare) -middle: Cody (gelding) - Jessie (mare)
Mantracker rides these 3 horses when he goes out to Qu'Appelle to check on our geldings Rocky and Ziggy

quite fun actually!

there are lots of recreational things and my brother has an outside homemade skating rink and his girls 
and their friends use it constantly, one is in ringette and is always on the ice practicing and having friends over

my niece Brenda had a dramatic fall on the ice and of course I was there with my camera!

Tommy even borrowed a pair of skates and was out there too

on a stupid note:  grrrrhh
my truck was vandalized on Sat nite; the passenger window was smashed
right through.  Several vehicles on that row were vandalized as well
just took my truck in today to get window replaced cost is just my deductible of $100
The vandalizers were after Christmas gifts and one vehicle had their gifts in the back seat
so after that they just went after all the rest down that lane and smashed all the windows
ah well no one was hurt.

have a good end of the year...!

1 comment:

Catherine said...

Oh RATS on having your vehicle window broken!! Grrrr!
Wishing you and your family all the best in 2014 my friend!
xo Catherine

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