lost then found

kirkville in transit moved our dog Summer to an acreage 3 hours from here
he stayed one day and one night with Mantracker on the new acreage and
then wandered or we are not sure if he followed Mantracker to work once he saw
the truck leave (only Summer knows)

he went missing Monday morning and was returned to the Regina Humane Society
Thursday morning and was fine except traumatized and his hip was sore
my friend Wendy and Gerald went to ID him at the Humane Society and he recognized
Wendy took him home and sore hip and all he flew into her little car to everyones' surprise and
Wendy said it was like "get me out of the slammer"  I won't wander again!  LOL!
the emotions that Brian and I and Tom had from losing this dog who has been with
us for almost 13 years and is still a very vibrant and alert dog was so sad, we just wanted him found.

thank you to this person that dropped him off
and thanks to Wendy and Mantracker for contacting the Humane Society with a description and
our phone # in hopes that someone will bring him in!

after we moved our stuff into the Condo quickly, we headed out to the acreage
and Summer licked my face and was happy happy to see us but he has also bonded with Wendy and
has now got a spot in the middle of the lane so he can see and bark at any intruders coming down the road
(this is a good sign)

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Catherine said...

It makes you wonder where Summer was right? A little adventure I guess. But it all turned out. Yeah!

Like your new header!

xo Catherine

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