to say I am content

I am loving loving the condo this week with the very cold winter windchill temps and I am not 
having to drive down highway 363 for work or appointments or for lunch in town and just always drive, drive, drive.  In saying that about driving, I however do need to adjust to a large city and knowing my directions and street names and locations and distance to and from the condo.
It will improve , I believe I have figured out the main thoroughfares at the East end of Regina and the Ring Road and good old Albert Street (love the south end).

I will miss Kirkville acreage alot though....

.... all the horse fun

but,  being with my hubby 24/7 now is happiness,
 being separated for over a year and having him just
home on the weekends, was taking its toll and I am glad
we are under the same roof all the time now.

This week I am very happy and content with my life

a new Chapter will emerge and we are ready for it!

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Catherine said...

Awwww....there really is nothing better than being safe and warm with your sweetie is there? So wonderful!
xo Catherine

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