week 3

the cold has let up today, but it is very windy but only minus 7 this morning.  I went for a walk on the University Park walkway behind the Aboriginal University and then I trekked back and I felt good to have finally gotten a nice long walk in to start the week.  We are getting our moving storage company to pull out a couple of important boxes like all our income tax papers and Tom's personal ID and spare hearing aids..etc.  It is costing us $115 to pull this out but we need these boxes.

oops...here is Summer's paw print (sideways) 

I am now registered for a restorative Yoga class for one month, the neck and shoulders are having a difficult time relaxing and settling into this new lifestyle so this class is called RELAX AND RENEW.....and is one and a half hours.  For people with injuries or pain, etc...... Bodhi Tree Yoga
I am sure it won't hurt me to take a few of these classes
  kinda stopped doing yoga for many years do to the over stretching I can get myself
into trouble doing that so this class sounds safe.

it is a good thing that there are so many options now to keep a body and mind
fit for this life that eventually takes a toll on muscles and other ailments.

have a crazy Christmas week as it should be!

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