filling in

I do question people at times, (who doesn't)
is it possible that because I am NOT EARNING A PAYCHEQUE that I get comments of 'Arent you bored? '
What do you do?

I am not bored.
I am working at a therapy program to heal my back and my shoulders -Yoga is a big part of this
I go out and coffee with my sister and have meals with my Mom and Dad
I walk on the good "walkable" days this winter and found a great walk
behind Douglas Park, this is where alot of University students bike, jog, cross country and
if I go up the steep hill to Goose Island Ovcrlook it changes the scenery and I am puffing when I get to the top.  
I spend time reading and discussing how to use and order YL essential oils with family and friends
it is a vast learning and my son Tommy is gaining great benefits from applying them onto his wrists just for aroma therapy.  They are so uplifting.

I visit our dog once a week and say hello to Rocky and Ziggy
I write alot and I am organizing my writings on my son's depression and tragic end.
I have received little help from professionals but the little I did get was actually very HUGE in
continuing on and maybe someday it will be completed.  I am learning about the outline and flow of the writings.  It is now about organizing what I have written and making chapters out of it.

the most fun is water colouring painting and I get to it so seldom
but I spend today on it....I just have fun when I have a paintbrush in hand, and lots of colours to

what does one do to fill in the empty gaps in your week or in your

I paint, today it was fun patterns
I like black in any painting

I put roller tops on most of my oils so my hands
don't have to touch the oils and I can just roll on my feet or chest
it is way simpler

Have a good day all!

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Catherine said...

This is a beautiful post my friend! I for one can not imagine being bored once I retire. So many things to do, to see, to experience! I love how you are filling your days. This is the time to spend on yourself.
Love it love it.
Sending you much love!
xo Catherine

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