January Planuary

dealing with the darkness of winter
and the moods that are inflicted on
our personality in varying degrees, causes emotional issues.
I know I need exercise  and an extremely good
list of reading material or both.  I also need
to socialize more this time of year and that is
a bit harder because vacations are in high gear and
our horses are not handy to use them this winter,  i miss the talking and petting moments with them
and once a week I head out to where they are boarding for a chat.

if you dont have one planned then what does one do?

For me I enjoy winter and the coziness of staying indoors
and going for fast brisk walks, reading and planning the get- a- ways for 2014
because we are in a closed in condo unit it is easier to get
out and find things to do, visiting Art Galleries (can be weird stuff in those art galleries and really
awesome painting and sculpture art too!)

I have been to Michaels craft and art supply store and I 
am next heading to Gales Florist after I attend my Art and Journalling
workshop this morning.  
This is a good thing because it is a social time for me to get
together with others who will be doing art or creating and
very good for the mental health.
Exercise is a must for me but to write and create with paper and
paint is relaxing.

Oh ya, we do have a vacation planned in mid March
we are going on a horse holiday in Lexington, Kentucky
The event that is drawn us is called "The Road To The Horse"
Kentucky is blue grass #1 horse state and I love the western

whatever you can do, do it, plan it, book it and go, if not then
get creative or get social and invite people over (I am not good at this I would rather head out with someone)

Happy Winter Activity Planning!!!

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