January's quiet

after the christmas holiday and after my son went back to his home in SC; it seems  I am busy with wonderful  fun activities, reading and doing Yoga at least 3 times a week and their are 2 yoga places to
attend the different classes.  I am getting around the city of Regina quite nicely now.

we will be living on the Qu'Appelle acreage, for 2 weeks, where our horses and dog are staying as the owners are holidaying in Mexico!  so back to country living.

here are my quiet past times.................

I am starting to read Chasing God by Angie Smith and has been highly recommended from my fav blogger "The Pioneer Woman"

I am doing Yoga 3 times a week and have taken 5 classes; the 1st 2 were for RELAX and RENEWAL and classes for NECK and SHOULDERS and then the beginners yoga class called Bodhi 1 - all were great for my much needed physical mental and muscled selfie (ha!)

My dermatolgist whom I just saw this afternoon, looked at my hands and said off I go to the Pasqua Hospital for the Patch Test, which is allergy testing.  I will have 80 patches put on my back and stay on my back for 48 hours and then I go back to her, Dr. Roberta Mckay, my dermo and she then checks for anything positive. She said there is probably something you need to AVOID and you need to find out what those are.  okay-dokay!

 "If you have found yourself struggling to understand God and your faith, you will glean something from this book no matter where you are. It’s deep and funny and just beautiful." (The Pioneer Woman)

I have joined a  monthly creative group where I can get together with other creatives who want to express themselves through art and journalling and I look forward to that.  First one is Jan 18.  I have met some of the women it will be a free 3 hours to work with some professional artists or others who want to create.  Yeah!!

I would say that moving to a city is working fine for me now, our decision to move to Yorkton (the coldest snowiest part of our province) is still open to discussion.  We are even talking about BC and will hopefully check BC out this summer if nothing appeals to us .....in the meantime nothing wrong with our money being invested.   Tommy is only 2 hours away and it is always a pull to not move too far, but he and I said well just think, if we end up in BC you, Tommy, can come for some great vacations!

We are blessed to have these options.  I am grateful!

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Catherine said...

Looks like you are enjoying your new life Donna! Good for you! I hope the allergy swatches give you some answers. :(

Oh I would move to BC in a heart beat! But yup, I would have to take my boy with me. Mamma doesn't want him too far away! Of course, out of my basement would be good for now. LOL! Maybe Tom could move to BC too? :)

Have a happy week my friend!
xo Catherine

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