a ride for 4


we went for a ride on Tuesday and our nieces were with us
sunny and only -2 and minimal wind
we warmed up the horses
and Mantracker saddled and adjusted all the saddles (ya, we were spoiled)
then we headed for a deep snow walk around the acreage

it was fun
the girls are older and very competent on the horse

the sun felt great and we all enjoyed some winter fun
(I especially enjoyed not be stiff and sore the next day; Yoga sure helps)


Anna said...

Looks like a great way to spend a sunny winter day! We're having a crazy winter w/ unbelievable amounts of snow. Getting a bit old, the winter that is.

Tommy Kirk said...

Just imagine what whoreback riding in BC would be like. I bet that'd be paradise, and with that hiking trail Dad told me about, sure sounds nice.

Tommy Kirk said...



Autocorrect strikes again with vengeance.

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