an acreage just came up on the MLS listings close to Yorkton
planning our viewings for next weekend with the realtor
this is the listing we want to see ASAP
(40 acres and only 9 miles from the city and house looks good!!)
there are several others but we will know right away if it is
a wasted trip

where is March?
with this cold weather have not seen Summer in 10 days
 i am attempting painting horse heads now
 we are very ready for a place where we can be with
our animals - right Mantracker?

 missing Sal - apparently he is living up in the loft
of the barn now as 2 other cats came with the new owners
so he is on the HQ floor - ha!

Life is for deep kisses
strange adventures
midnight swims and
rambling conversations
(off a bottle of red wine)

off to yoga again tommorrow
then wait for the arctic weather to move on!

1 comment:

Catherine said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that the acreage you are going to go see is the one for you!!
xo Catherine

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