transition shift

 this sun today is bringing anxiousness and excitement
to start making the acreage listings a little longer
and hoping that there is one out there for us

i however, do not want to live anymore than 15 minutes out of
the city
Brian just wants a place to train some colts and a place to
saddle up and ride
so the loss of a beautiful acreage and moving
in transit  is unsettling at times because how long
will we be in transit?  I unfortunately do not have a "vision" of the home I 
want to live in,  it needs to be only 1100 to 1200 square foot and
preferably stucco and a really nice bathroom with large tub
and double sinks and a heated floor......
so I suppose I have a vision of some things
didnt' realize until I started typing this post
 the thoughts are getting closer to narrowing down our

plan of action, still a ways to go.....Midway, BC is being looked at as well because of an
acreage available

could be Yorkton, or BC....

Tom has purchased a home at Jenmar, nice mobile home
he moves in the spring.  He says "now you guys need to find your little paradise"!


Tommy Kirk said...

I really hope Midway turns out to be the place, from what he told me it sounds like the pefect spot for you two

Catherine said...

Ooo! I vote BC!!!! Do I get a vote? Nope, probably not. LOL! But if it's warmer then here, I would totally pick there. Haha.

I am thinking no matter where you and your sweetie find a place, you will make it into a home very quickly my friend.

Congratulations to Tom for buying his own home! Fantastic! I'm still waiting for mine to move out of my basement. Haha. Hopefully soon. Just waiting for a condo in his price range to come up for sale.

Good luck on finding you little piece of paradise Donna!

xo Catherine

Tommy Kirk said...

That's a nice picture of Summer

Tommy Kirk said...

Summer looks happy in this picture, is this a recent shot?

Donna said...

yes this was a shot I took in January at Qu'appelle when I took Sophie and Summer for a walk down the road. I love this shot too Tom!

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