whats your style

everyone has a bag or drawer of
everyday essentials that is uniquely yours
things that you cant be without
your favorite make over for the day
the products that work awesome
for you


  1. Clinique Ever Better makeup foundation
  2. Young Living Lavender Hand and Body Lotion
  3. Valor Roll On essential oil
  4. Marcelle gray shades of eye makeup and
  5. Marcelle powder blush
  6. I am all over Redken shampoos as well
  7.  I wear earrings all the time! I love to always have a pair of gold and silver hoops on, (I feel complete with hoop earrings) 
  8. pendants to choose from to loop through my gold or silver chains, depending on my mood of the day!

what is your must have of style essentials?

1 comment:

Tommy Kirk said...

I use whatever is the cheapest lol

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