moving ramblings..

this is a difficult month coming up
Tom's move into his new home
our old furniture in condo is going out
to him in SC
Our house and acreage furnishings are stored in 
we are still searching for our retirement home
it costs $80/hour for the moving storage company
to pull out what we need for Tom and what we need to refurnish
our condo (just our bed and sofa)

I am keeping this process simple in my head but no matter what
I have going on in my head it still seems complicated!

book move day with Condo manager
(can't move in our out on weekends...hrrmmph!)
book storage manager in Yorkton to
unload items we need (can't do this on weekends either)

I am excited for Tom and I know he will love his
place and get some renters in which he is getting in place for May 1st.

Things do always work out the way they should
and I will keep my head in organized slots until this takes place

now for some phone calls
need some manpower too....

{a home i took a photo of in Lexington KY as most
homes were that solid brick foundation, they were beautiful!}

home sweet home!

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