Road To The Horse Kentucky

Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington
was our vacation this last week
I learned and laughed and talked to 
cowboys and cowgirls and horse lovers
and saw Jonathon Field,  plus 4 other horsetrainers
take a wild horse from the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas and ride them 3 days later
I saw these wild horses race into the arena and
4 of them were chose by each trainer
they had less than 3 days (4 - 6 hours of horsemanship skills and
communicating with their horse so they can ride in the finale)

so random are these pics as I get excited and
attentionally challenged with so many photos to upload
so here are the best ones.....

Dan Steers from Austrailia

 the remudas from the four sixes ranch in texas running into the arena, it was highly emotional
and charged with excitement!

 Keeneland Race Track where the movie "Seabiscuit" was filmed and
the major race track in Lexington KY

 Mantracker talking to one of the Wild Card competitors Sean Patrick

 Smokey, the winner of the competition 
this is where horse meets the jockey 
 the American anthem sung with rider and flag

the famous horse Man O' War

whenever a horse won the annual race their colors were
painted on one of these statues

the obstacle course on the finale day competition
my favourite trainer Jonathon Field

Mary was the only woman in this competition

thats all folks!!!

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Catherine said...

Wow! Look at your enjoying your retirement with a little traveling. Lucky girl! So totally jealous.
Keep well my friend!
xo Catherine

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