spring action

the search and moves are getting exciting
we are viewing this property next Sat
i am really EXCITED about this one
close to the beaches and lakes that I love
looks beautiful and that goes for house and
outside bldgs and 52 acres of land, 5 mins from
a busy centre and 20 mins from Ykton

i want this to flow.....

I find coloring or water colouring more enjoyable if
i do vibrant colors and apply other textures to it
maybe I will come up with a masterpiece some day..ha ha
anyway these colors make me feel good.

its very busy in my brain....

the moves with Tom and our search is exciting
but I must stay centered ..ohmmmmmm Namaste!

they say things can sometimes all come at once
I am fighting a nasty cold right now and on day 4..come on go away
already!  Frankincense on my wrists to relax and Oregano on bottom of my feet for immunity boost and Peppermint essential oils are in full force the Peppermint is a great relief under my nose as it opens up the airways, ah heaven....

I am ready for a busy April and finally spring is approaching
us here, slowly tho (gracious, lets not go too fast) 


Tommy Kirk said...

Godspeed, I'm excited you're seeing this.

Anna said...

Sounds like a busy time. Hope this home is the one! Good luck!!!!

Catherine said...

This looks like a nice house Donna! I hope it works out. You are just creating up a storm aren't you - wonderful!
And congratulations to your Tommy for becoming a home owner! I'm still working on getting mine out of the basement. LOL! Waiting for a condo to come up - hopefully spring will bring out some good ones to go look at.
Keep well my friend - and good luck!
xo Catherine

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