an original personal gift of love

I posted this on facebook yesterday
my sis had this painting done up for me
I am reeling with emotion from this
painting and the gift to me from my sis
such deep thoughtfulness..

"I know it has been a long and difficult journey.  You have amazed me with the strength and determination that has brought you to the place where you now stand.
Be blessed, strenghthened and encouraged.
I pray that you will be reminded of the act of laying your burden down (hence the satchel/purse laying on the ground behind her in this painting ) and leaving it on the ground behind you as you turn to face the path before you.
Close your eyes and breathe the air.  Embrace the journey that awaits you.
Let there be a spring in your step and a lightness to your spirit as you step forward."

its just so personal and respectful.
(Celine is an artist my sister and I both paint with once a month
in our "painting words for life" open paint workshop)

thanks and love to you Celine and my sister Barb
also my Dad paid for this painting when he heard and saw it
it is painful to see a family loved one go through pain and as a mother
or sister I would not want anyone to have this journey.  Life happens and choices are made
and reactions to it are the reward and gift!


Anna said...

What a lovely, special gift!!!! Sounds like you have a wonderful family.

Catherine said...

That painting is wonderful Donna!
Very special indeed.
xo Catherine

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