at the barn

sunshine and melting !!!
oh what a relief to finally
have sunshine and puddles

I was out in the barn with our animals
here is a calico cat
that lives in a barn with other cats, but she is the only

hello calico!

 Hello Summer...your fur is sure thick and soft right now
lots of petting and slobbery kisses for me today

 Wendy and Gerald
 they have looked after our horses and Summer all winter
it may be a while yet before there is a move for us
so we appreciate their friendship and compassion in taking on our pets.

little Gracie on Gerald's lap is a rescue dog and
she is a cutie!  She also has issues and the retraining program
is frustrating.  She is a 2 year old pure bred cocker spaniel.

 I am still loving the city life though with my family and close friends here.
so rock on with spring!

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