checking on loved ones

had a quick trip  to swift current and to say hello to 2 special boys, Tom and Ben;

 when Ben heard my voice he came right over to me
and that is quite an unusual behaviour; he is very standoffish
and it made me feel so great that he recognized me and my voice
as he was standing with other horses...(this horse is a special gift and
has a special energy that he sends to people if they are observant)

Tom upgraded to a Chev Malibu so this is his new
Guys and Engines???

I loved this day with my Easter family!!
Happiest Easter to you and your own special families!

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Catherine said...

So wonderful you were able to spend time with Tom and Ben! I've had 2 Chev Malibu's. They were both good cars! Wishing you a happy May Donna!
xo Catherine

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