like a rubber band

we are finishing the move changes this past weekend
Tom is in his first home now. His own place with a huge responsibility but also
an exciting time too.  I remember our first house.  Lots of room for stuff.
We moved our beds and sofa and dressers that were Tom's to SC.  

We now are going to our storage in Yorkton to bring back our beds and furniture to replenish the condo.  I feel like a rubber band. Going out and coming back in only to go out and come back in.  I am at the point where "We are elastic and can stretch ourselves, but only so much"!

The search for a retirement home is teetering between BC and more so to stay in Saskatchewan.  However the homes on acreages are not up to a standard that we would want to pay the high prices that are placed on them.  

Interesting read and it states that introverts can learn to be extroverted but only so much and Brian and I are more on the introverted personality.  All these changes is expensive and exhaustive.

The good in all this is that we are healthy and have great friends and feeling stretched is okay for awhile and we are handling it.

the point of this post is:  All is good and life is good and full.  These are the best days when family and marriage is busy and active.  

(photo courtesy Catherine Sykes visit) spring 2013

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Catherine said... have the ability of choices to move anywhere. I must say, a bit envious I am. I booked flights to go to Vancouver Island for 9 days. We are going to travel the island. I would love to visit Kelowna BC one day too. It looks wonderful there. That might be my retirement 'dream town'. Oh to be born rich.... ;)

Love that photo of you my friend - that was a VERY fun day. Corinne and I still talk about it. Wonderful!

xo Catherine

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