this week stuff

acreage/house hunting and realtor sales
pitches are 'swear' around here right now
we are disappointed and depressed
with this search
not talking much on that


I went to Calgary this past weekend
and had a little bit of shopping and alot of
pleasant visits with long time girlfriends
super relaxing and fun

reading a good well constructed
book called The Book Thief
I am halfway through it now and the movie
has been out this past year about
the Nazi Germany days and a lovely
young girl and her lust for
books and reading...

the benefits of 2 different yoga
classes last week are appreciated this week
(if you know what I mean?  no sciatic or stiffness)

learning to Dress My Truth this week
and this is fun and all about Beauty energy profiling
the videos are free - clic here and sign up

I am a "fire" Type 3 - I am shopping faster and more
for my type and it is crazy how great I am feeling about this

here is my deep teal green sweater and pants that
 I wore this weekend 

there are 4 beauty types
type 1 is "air"
type 2 is "water"
type 3 is "fire"
type 4 is "earth"
which one are you?

so not much new these days
and Easter this weekend with family
hope my son comes up for the festivities
on with spring!

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