its been a year

I retired/resigned from Innovation Credit Union a year ago
and what have I been up to this past year? you ask or may not ask?

{taking notes while looking at some modular homes  - tucking in more info just in case]

completed my facilitator support work with Griefshare at Eastside Church of God last May

involved myself in Young Living Essential Oils and presented myself with these oils at SC Market Square in Aug and Sept.  Great fun and opportunity to share and meet people!

attented a wedding in Ucluelet BC and visited 2 girlfriends in Qualicum BC and Nanaimo. Fantastic time! this was in July

put our acreage up for sale end of August

sold our acreage end of October - 1 week before the listing expired and we were sure that we would still winter at Kirkville.  surprise!

moved to Regina and landed there Dec 1 and the next day the -40 celsius weather began

began my physical -mental health journey on Dec 16 at Bodhi Tree Yoga in Regina and still doing it twice a week. This yoga stabilized my new life in the condo and kept me grounded and true to my decision to move and leave a 21 year financially secure job.   my 1st year of retirement/no career/no structured schedule or paycheque that previously establises my worth  is a unnerving process.  I was used to the credit union being my life and priority and when I left it was freeing however unnerving at times.

I did alot of painting on my own and some with other ladies and learned that
i love acrylic painting over watercolours.  Acrylic is easy to create texture and
dark deep colours faster.  So I like that,

our son just moved into his home and has a renter now to help with the payments (Yay!!)
we just moved his stuff a couple of weeks ago as alot of it was in storage at Jays Moving.

I have so many friend connections here in the Queen City that it is overwhelming but great!
the best is being close to all my family.

I am now working on my resume (thats alot of work) in case I need to
check out a job that sounds appealing.  Getting ready for a new lifestyle job is
work but I am enjoying the learning -  as alot of tips are available online and from friend connections in that field.  I now know that the cover letter is the most important to get right.

this is a new challenge and it is very good...Be Committed To Do Whatever It Takes to Have Want You Want. - BE  DO  HAVE!

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Catherine said...

You have accomplished lots and grown my friend!
Yup - a cover letter is VERY important. Lots of times it tells more than a resume. If you need any help with your cover letter and resume... I might know someone... ;)

xo Catherine

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