natural beauty

between looking for acreages
and doing a bit of yoga I am busy doing personal image
work, sounds kooky but I feel good after

I completed my 30 days of DressingYourTruth
I am a woman whose natural beauty is swift movements
and confidence in fast decisions and
I do not spend time on details.....

like the type 3 natural beauty dressing tip
of a belt over your clothes no time for looping
through belt loops..

I am to be wearing rich and dynamic colors
of gold, brown, orange, rusts, orangey-reds, rich greens
and teal-blues

Ziggy's mane below is a color that suits my
natural beauty.
I am  now wearing gold and geometric designed necklaces
and earrings and even bracelets.

round circles patterns, round pointed shoes, and round
earrings are not my nature.

not surprisingly I paint with a fast process of quick intense strokes
and to prolong a drawing of a vase or apple or chair or any detailing
is painful.  It seems I am the first one to be finished my painting long before others.
the detailing and finesse of art is too slow
so I make my own splash on the canvas
 I love rich deep colors on my palette.

my sister is a cute type 1
my friend is a beautiful type 2
and my mom is a type 3 just like I am

even though it has been a change of perception I can
see it is very true about me and dressing this way is 
really living my truth by dressing my truth.

Summer and I at Qu'Appelle  May  2014

I suppose my job search is way way on the back burner (sniff LOL!)
now if we are heading to BC (for a holiday at the least)
I can't help the excitement I am feeling!

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Catherine said...

You are certainly keeping busy Donna! Learning new things. Doing new things. Good for you.
Enjoy your trip to BC - I hope you find perhaps the home you have been searching for??
xo Catherine

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