a search and a find

what to say about the last 2 weeks ?  we travelled all the way to Kelowna BC and down through Washington, Idaho and Montana and back home.  Never bought an acreage but 2 days later we bought a place 9 miles south of Yorkton.

ha ha ....this is not our new purchased home....nice old refurbished hotel in Fort Benton, Montana!

the trip involved long drives through southern BC on #3 west crowsnest highway along the US border.  We spent our time at Grand Forks BC and found a property, 10 acres and set up for horses, kind of an equestrian property with the barn and corrals and training pens, and a refurbished 1970 home that was done up to perfection for me.
The idea of moving that far away was too much for me but we seriously contemplated it.

home sweet home and all the bad weather and  good friends and my family won out.

here are some photos!  I didnt take a load of pictures this time as we seemed to be always in a vehicle driving.

rest stop

 Christina Lake BC

 Christina Lake was so similar to Madge Lake that I felt completely at home here (very pretty lake)

 redneck lunches
 Fort Benton Montana

just missed a hail storm close to Havre MT

here is our new home, this is just the MLS listing photo
I don't have my own photos yet
it comes with 40 acres and is a 1960 home moved onto a new property
and completely redone and the building codes are all up to date with the "final occupancy certificate" 
we are looking forward.....

our son was disappointed that it is not a mature yard with trees fully grown but there is a nice duck pond to the left of the garage the trees around the acreage have all been planted and in 3 or 4 years those trees will be taller.  

so there you have it the acreage search is over!  We have always been pointed in a direction and told what city or area to live in since we have been married because Brian's job moved us around a few times.  It was so challenging to find a place without any restrictions (except financially) and to keep me and him satisfied and wanting to live our good retirement years at.

I didn't think we would find one, but all of a sudden we did!  life is funny that way


Catherine said...

I'm so excited for you Donna! First to have seen so many wonderful views and traveling. And 2nd that you found a new acreage to call home! I love it that you have a little duck pond by your home. So much fun. And I look forward to photos of your new house and land. I am sure you will be happy to get all your critters moved and to start the next chapter of your life. Fantastic!

2 more sleeps and we are off to BC. Can't wait.

Have fun Donna!

xo Catherine

healthylivingtipsforyou said...

Lovely scenery. Congrats on the changes.

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