putting on the miles

We are in Spokane WA today and spent the last 4 days in south BC such as Grand Forks Midway Osoyoos Oliver Rock Creek and the weather has been 75 degrees (23 celsius)
We filled up our water bottles from the water streaming down the mountain oh man that water was so good! 

The journey continues   we spent a day viewing a few acreages and I found it overwhelming and surreal     

June is a great month to travel BC but the locals say it is starting to show that summer vacationers are coming

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Catherine said...

Sounds like you are seeing lots and doing lots Donna! I still can remember the taste of our well water on the farm. I have not drank such wonderful water since then.

7 more sleeps until 24 days off work. I can't wait! Nor can I wait to get to Vancouver Island!!!

Travel safe my friend!
xo Catherine

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