tripping around

the last couple of days we have scooted to Swift Current
with my folks to visit Tom and celebrate an early birthday with him
this is his sun room outside his new home

and while I was in Swift Current I ran into none other than
see her in person again

then we visited a long time -back- in- my -single -days and
old roomy girlfriend Ilona and her husband Clint, at Katepwa Lake,
a good good visit, they are both teachers and are getting
their cabin opened up and ready for 2 months of summer

When I visit the homes of friends and family
I really realize how much I miss my things from our move
that are still in storage......planning on making a decision on this
in the next month or two.

its now time to get ready for our holiday
i need a check list!
oil change in truck, remember passports and also I know it will be
so easy to pack up my clothes because I am now dressing/living my truth and
my clothes are pretty simple to pick out because I love to wear them simple as that
I have donated and placed alot of my clothes on consignment too so it has been a bit of fun refurbishing some of my wardrobe at Value Village and high quality consignment stores.
shoes are always a stressor for me to pack, hiking boots, runners, sandals..
a woman's shoes are highly significant!

it has been a good tripping around visiting and summer is here
so a holidaying I shall go....hi ho hi ho!

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Catherine said...

It was so wonderful to see you again Donna - even if it was for a short few minutes. And how lovely to meet your mom. She is beautiful! I am thinking you come from 'good stock'! :)

It's so good to see that Tom is settled into his new home. sigh...still trying to get mine out of my basement. LOL!

Enjoy your holiday and I look forward to some photos of that beautiful BC!!

Travel safe my friend!
xo Catherine

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