new digs move

{housewarming gifts)

I have tried to write here on this blog since I am here on our new acreage and
retirement home and words are not coming forth as eloquently as I would like so just
know that all the house and garage items are delivered and in!

I do like the countryside here and the flooding around this area did
not affect our home or property.

hoping and praying our condo will sell in the next couple of months, but no control
over that too much.

Miss my Summer dog!

my friends have visited and welcomed me here and I have popped into
a couple of summer time yoga classes to get me loosened up.  I gained 7 pounds this past 5 weeks
so my blood sugar was very high but now I have got it under control once again.

next is the NEW sofa, end table, coffee table and kitchen/dining set to be delivered and
tommorrow is the.....
delivery day!
(house warming plant)

mosquitos are non-existent out on our high back deck so thankful for that.  The breeze and
the height of our deck must be enough to ward them off and also the thousands of dragonflies that are here.
(oops ..caught in one of many webs around our deck)

oh Namaste! relieved that the difficulty of the move is 90% done just need the
perimeter fencing done to bring our equine friends here. I do miss them so if you have a horse or dog give them a rub down or a treat for me.

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LMWIEBE said...

Sounds like things are starting to fall into place.......which is awesome! Happy for you guys, I will continue to follow your blog when you have time for updates. Congrats!!

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