a sense of humour please

humour is vital
especially now, here at this

we are dealing with lino damage from the
movers on July 11

we are dealing with lino staining from our new
dining room furniture table legs (permanent orange squares on our
lino now)

the plumbing is not working in the kitchen sink upstairs
and the one downstairs (leaking under the sink)

to get a quote or estimate for flooring
around here is difficult as the area is dealing with
flooding house damages in the area

stress was playing on me and the phone calls and decisions
became insurmountable for me as I am dealing with a claim with a furniture store
and the moving company for other things as well.

So I said to myself, or actually I wrote it down and this is what i determined.
"when is it going to end" I do not want this much to deal with.  I put it out to that there
"universe" and then got up the next morning and said to Mantracker "I am phoning the furniture store and then I am getting on the phone to book quotes and estimates" and I am going to be happy during
that process and then I will be moving forward after that process.  This is not life threatening it is my lack of "patience" and wanting things fixed NOW that is disturbing me.  Do what I can and wait for things
to get activated.  I will have to wait.  End of story!

hang my hat over my chair without a care and step away....I feel better and I am sleeping
so much better at night.  We do have a new chiropractor bed and it is INCREDIBLE! so supporting and it is firm and we both are sleeping well.  Our new love seat and sofa are italian leather and they provide 4 reclining positions to relax in

We are laughing about it a bit now and it will get better.
starting to fence the first 10 acres of our 40 acres on the weekend and have
all the supplies and lined all the posts down on the ground
post pounder is booked for 3 days.
I am looking forward to working outside and helping my partner.

a little messy yet but a glimpse of some of the furniture

fencing pictures are next!!!.....ill be wearing my downton abbey hat  LOL!
humor humor....i need a joke here... ah  I have one nerve left and your on it?  no no that isnt funny
um...how about "If I had Johnny's cash and Charley's pride I woudn't have a Buck Owen!!
how about ...oh I will quit now (if your still reading this)!

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Joy said...

Love it....yes that's what it's all about. Taking it all in and letting it all go and breathing and laughing and knowing it will all be ok.....and then going out to play!

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